"Ms. Laughlin is drawn to an external world of form, color and texture that beckons to her highly individual and discerning eye. She thus creates for us a fresh and enchanting world of form and chroma that seem to lurk just beyond the normal eye’s ability to grasp the actual scene and its implications fully."

      — Sam Hunter, Art Critic and Historian of Modern and Contemporary Art

"When Nancy Staub Laughlin gazes on the landscape, all is beauty, shimmering and bright, with fresh luminous color. Her large scale detailed drawings of landscapes and still life lure the viewer in with their saturated color and masterful rendering, offering a glimpse
into a world of her own creation."

      — Dorrie Papademetrio , Curator Fine Arts Noyes Museum, New Jersey

"Pastel is a particularly unforgiving medium, and the drawings are ambitious in scope and beautifully achieved. The richly rendered field references her uniquely composed simulated still life. I have never seen work like this before—pastels used in such a dense fashion—"

      — Ingrid Fox, Former Curator, Pfizer

"Nancy Staub Laughlin is a highly imaginative artist who brings a new contemporary concept to the genre of still life."

      — Renee Phillips, Manhattan Arts

"Your approach to still life is modern and unique.Your dedication to exploring layers of texture through these curious collected items is quite commendable."                              

      — Douglas Hyland, Director New Britain Museum, Connecticut

"Laughlin choreographs mediums and colors and objects to give unrestrained pleasure to the viewer. Movement, color, texture, aroma and taste all conspire to transform nature's magic into private delight. Her pastels shatter our traditional concepts of still-life’s."

      — Zoltan Buki, Former Curator Fine Art, New Jersey State Museum

“Her style is as distinctive as a signature.”

      — Cathy Visco The Trenton Times